Managed by Sree Narayana Samskarika Samithy, Kayamkulam Unit. (Reg no. T156/80)

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Principal's Message


Life is a journey and whatever experiences we have, whatever memories we create and whatever dreams we dream, is all up to us. We decide our destiny. For us at Sree Narayana Central School, this journey of excellence has been perennial. It has indeed been a long and enriching journey of more than three decades. Guided and inspired by the great visionary Sree Narayana Guru's exhortation to “Enlighten oneself through education”, Sree Narayana Central School, Kayamkulam started its gratifying odyssey in 1989, with the vision of providing holistic value education. Today, Sree Narayana Central School has become a corner stone in helping generations of students to dream, visualize, and plan for the future. Believing in the motto, “if everyone is moves together, then success takes care of itself”, the entire staff of SNC School moves with a mission of providing its children with all possible facilities, helping them transform into good and successful human beings. When one enters this beautiful campus, what is striking is the pious and erudite ambience pervading its corridors. As one gets acquainted with our culture and ethos, one realize that family values, dedication, purity and bio conservation are not mere words for us, rather these are the maxims we live by. Our idyllic settings together with tireless and devoted facilitators, today creates great master pieces on the canvas of education, with strokes of devotion, faith and love which in turn is the hall mark of our institution. We have always believed that it is important to “teach a child to experience and appreciate the wonders of knowledge around him and teach him to grow the wings of ambition and soar…. like a falcon towards the skies with the feet firmly planted in core Indian values”. The credentials of the school speak for itself through the success of our alumni shining in various fields like administration, engineering, medicine, business, fashion, theatre, film and the like. It is rightly said that “a dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards its achievements” and we are committed in taking constructive and purposeful actions to produce optimistic, independent, compassionate, life-long learners and leaders who fulfill their dreams and bring glory to their school, parents, their state and the nation.